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6 декабря Федеральный министр иностранных дел Германии Хайко Маас и его российский коллега Сергей Лавров открыли организованный под их совместным патронажем Германо-Российский год научно-образовательных партнёрств 2018-2020 гг. https://germania.diplo.de/ru-ru/aktuelles/deutsch-russisches-themenjahr-hochschule-wissenschaft/2167732

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Technological platform “Technologies for Sustainable Ecological Development” (TP) was formed in 2011 and is consolidating forces of business, science, public authorities and civil society to solve ecological problems facing Russia.


We are the point where science, technology and business meet and support collaboration of organizations from BRICS countries.

According to the five thematic priority areas (previously stated in the Brazilia Declaration) Technology Platform for Sustainable Ecological Development is:

-        Leader in priority area "Water resources and pollution treatment" (contact: mail@tp-eco.ru);

-        Platform for communication in priority area "Prevention and Mitigation of Natural Disasters (Monitoring and Early Warning)" (Head of Contact point – George Gogoberidze, Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU), ggg@rshu.ru). 

Join us by sending application form to get an advantage of collaboration in fields of science, technology and innovation development in Russian Federation! 


Presentation of TP

The initiators for the formation of TP were:

• Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Russian State Hydrometeorological University";

• Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Lomonosov Moscow State University";

• Federal State Autonomous Institution of Higher Professional Education "National Research University" Higher School of Economics."

Considering the importance and the urgent need to solve ecological problems, the TP is approved by the decision of the Government Commission for Advanced Technology and Innovation, chaired by the Chairman of the Government of Russia Vladimir Putin (minutes of July 5, 2011 №3).

The coordinator of the TP is All-Russian public organization “Russian Geographical Society” (president Sergey Shoygu).

TP is a form of the realization of the public-partnership institute, a way to mobilize the facilities of the concerned parties (government, business, academic community) and an instrument of formation of the scientific, technological and innovative government policy. Form of the artificial  person - Non-commercial partnership ‘Technological platform “Technologies for Sustainable Ecological Development’.

The strategic objective of the TP  is to modernize Russian economy in the field of  hi-tech markets for environmental goods and services, the development of new industries for waste processing  and reducing of greenhouse gas emissions, and the creation of new systems of monitoring and predicting the state of environment.

Key thematic lines of the TP’s activity are:

• Environmentally clean production technologies.

• Technologies of environmentally safe waste management including elimination of accumulated environmental damage.

• Technologies and systems of monitoring, assessment and forecasting of environmental state, emergency situations of natural and technogenic character, climate change consequences, including innovative instruments of pollution control.

• Technologies of rational use of natural resources, provision of environmental safety and new environmental standards of human life.

• Development of the environmental services market.

The main functional types of TP’s activity are:

• scientific research, science and technology, predictive and analytical activities, strategic planning of the research on the development of clean and safe technologies, creation and implementation of the road map of achievement of the goals of TP, the identification of development priorities in the field of nature conservation and environmental protection, including using innovative tools, assessment of projects of different levels, advising government agencies on the profile of the TP;

• educational activities, revision of curriculum and educational programs to meet the needs of business and science, staff training and retraining, talented youth support;

• information activity, dissemination of information on the profile of TP activities, information support of the current activity of TP, interaction with Russian and European Technological Platforms, as well as other related structures, carrying conferences, meetings, seminars, schools, and other events;

• organizational and financial activities, the involvement of private capital to the implementation of programs and projects, formation of opportunity funds for development of the projects, ensuring the sustainability of the TP.

Currently TP is a communicatory  field for:

• Information support and discussing pressing environmental issues by the interested parties.

• Development and introduction of amendments to laws and regulations.

• Interaction of the expert community.

• Implementation of innovative projects.

A wide range of business and administrative, scientific and educational, non-governmental ecological organizations is invited to participate in the platform. At present more than 250 organizations are the participants of the TP.

Contact details:

Russian Geographical Society, Novaya Ploschad’, 10/2, Moscow, 109012, Russia


e-mail: mail@tp-eco.ru